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Small Business Digital Tools for Success

Small Business Majority is a national small business advocacy organization, founded and run by small business owners to ensure America's entrepreneurs are a key part of an inclusive, equitable and diverse economy. We actively engage small business owners and policymakers in support of public policy solutions, and deliver information and resources to entrepreneurs that promote small business growth and drive a strong, sustainable job-creating economy. 

The day-to-day tasks that make our mission possible require a lot of moving parts, and because of this, we use an array of tools to get the job done each day. Platforms like Dropbox and Hootsuite provide us the ability to balance multiple tasks at once and collaborate with one another on projects.

Various programs have become vital to today’s working world. For example, some of the small businesses we work with find tools such as QuickBooks’ invoicing software—with functions that provide easy collection and organization of payments received—fundamental to their business. But with so many resources out there, it can be difficult to navigate all the options. So today we’re sharing some of our favorite tools to help you find the right resources for you and your business.

Dropbox: Dropbox is absolutely vital to our day-to-day activities and keeping important documents up to date. In a work environment that is very “all hands on deck,” every person in the organization has a role in projects and we often share responsibilities. Dropbox allows us to share all our files online, and provides our employees in all of our offices instant access to the same documents, files, and resources, making it easier for us to collaborate with each other.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite is pertinent to our work because it helps us manage all of our social media accounts on one simple platform. In a business climate where social media presence is becoming more vital to visibility and success, it is extremely valuable to have a tool that can simplify the daily tasks of managing different platforms. At Small Business Majority, our social content is an important part of making our programs and outreach efforts a success. Sharing our research, advocacy tolls, educational content, and the stories of small business owners across multiple mediums is made effortless with a program like Hootsuite, which allows us to schedule posts, track messages, and gather analytics on various forms of outreach.

Meltwater: Meltwater is important to the work Small Business Majority does by tracking what the world has to say about our messages and content. Specifically, Meltwater tracks both our traditional media and social media interactions, while helping us to engage with members of the media to make the small business voice heard on key issues. The ability to automatically search and find our media mentions across a wide range of publications every day saves time and streamlines our efforts.

Google Talk: The Small Business Majority teams utilizes Gmail for our messaging services. A neat tool associated with Gmail is Google Talk, which allows people in your contacts list to simply instant message you in real time. Google Talk provides the ability to quickly get in touch with someone rather than taking the time to send a formal email. It also helps members of the team stay in touch with colleagues in our various offices around the country. Constant and quick communication across our offices is good for productivity and efficiency.

Salesforce: Salesforce is hands-down the most vital tool in Small Business Majority’s repertoire. From tracking our contacts to database entries and analytics—Salesforce provides our organization with the ability to keep all our information in one organized and easily accessible place. Salesforce provides us the ability to pull various aspects of our collected data and utilize it to run reports, keep in touch with small business owners and business organizations, send email and overall offer readily available content for our projects.

Behind every organization are the tools they use to accomplish their goals. We hope this list of our favorite resources will help you identify some tools that can take your small business to the next level.